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How to issue cheque without voucher?

  • Click on "Payment Voucher" from main menu and Select the "Voucher Setup".
    Payment Voucher
  • First "Deactivate" the payment voucher setup to issue the cheque without voucher.
  • On the left side bar "Active Banks" will appear.
    cheque without voucher
  • Select the required bank to issue the cheque.
    Issue cheque without voucher
  • If Payee is already in the data base to whom Cheque is Issuing. Then, Select "database" and Fill up the necessary information in the fields (payee information, Date of the Cheque, Amount of the cheque).Once all the fields are filled, then the description option and Cheque Mode (CROSS or Bearer) will appear on screen.
  • If Payee is not in the data base to whom Cheque is Issuing. Then, select "new" and input the payee name over there, it will add to the data base automatically as a payee.
    without voucher
  • Cheque slip should be put in correct way into the printer. Click "SAVE" to save the cheque or " SAVE & PRINT" to print Cheque and save
    Issue cheque
  • Click 'YES' for the confirmation message.

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