User Guide

How to do batch printing?

  • Click on "Cheque" from main menu and select "Batch printing"
  • Select the "Bank Account" from dropdown list ,then "cheque book" will select itself by the system
    batch printing
  • Click on "Import" to import the cheque details.
  • Select the correct excel file. (User can import multiple cheque entries at onetime)
    Batch Printing cheques
  • A new window with cheque details will appear
    Printing cheques
  • User can also skip a cheque that he/she does not want to print.To skip the cheque, change the status to "Skipped"
  • To print the cheque click on print button.
    Batch  Printings
  • Three print options are available: all cheques, print per cheques and print by sequence. Select"Print all cheques" to print all cheques in one go.
    Group printing
  • If your cheque book is opened.Then a message will prompt to enter the start cheque number
    multiple printing of cheques
  • Enter the start cheque number and click "OK".
  • All the cheques are printed and status of cheques changed to "Printed".
  • Click on "Cancel" to exit

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