User Guide

How to align cheque?

  • Select "Align" button from Quick Menu.
    Cheque Alignment
  • A New Window will open and select the parameters to align the cheque.
  • Select the Bank for Cheque Alignment.
    NOTE: User can select the bank from drop-down list, for this, user must add new banks in the system.

    Alignment of cheque
  • Do necessary alignments. Users have options of General settings and Preferences.
    Cheque Alignment

  • Click on "Preview" button to see the preview of Cheque.
    Cheque Align
  • Click "Close" to exit from the preview screen.
  • Click "Save" to save the changes.A Message "Cheque Alignment is saved successfully" will appear.
    Cheque Alignment
  • Click "OK"

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