User Guide

How to backup database?

  • Click on "Configuration" from Main Menu and Select "DB Backup".
  • A window will be appeared to select the "DATA BASE BACKUP LOCATION" (The location which needs to save the Backup) and 'DATABASE - {TO BE BACKUP} (The location of the current Database located).
    Backup database
  • Select the Destination where the file will be copied like another computer, a memory card or a CD
    Backup of database
  • Once Selected the locations of "Backup" and "To be Backup", Select the Backup button to complete the procedure.
    Database Backup
  • Click "OK" for confirmation.
    Once Backup files created, a backup date will append automatically .It helps user to know when the last backup was done.
    When the user wants to take more than one backup in the same day, it will overwrite the existing back up and replace the new one

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