What is ChequeGuru?
ChequeGuru is user-friendly software for writing cheques and anyone can use it easily. It allows user to write on any cheque.
Is it suitable for my organization?
ChequeGuru is used by a single owner company to Corporations, Banks, Auditing Firms, Embassies, etc. it is useful across the vertical market, any company can take advantage of ChequeGuru Solution.
How easy is ChequeGuru to use?
ChequeGuru is designed to be the most user friendly Program which can be used by any individual who has basic computer knowledge. ChequeGuru is a very simple to use, with just couple of clicks you can use it; any person preparing cheque would be able to use and love ChequeGuru instantly. It is Typo Error Free, Tamper Proof and Has a WYSIWYG Built-In Check Alignment Engine, and much more.
How can I learn to use ChequeGuru?
It is very easy to use ChequeGuru. With the help of user guide, you can easily learn the use of ChequeGuru.
How do I get Support when required?
  • We provide email as well as Remote Desktop Support free of cost.
  • We have video tutorials, help and support systems
  • User guide is available for ChequeGuru that helps you to learn and understand it.
  • For live support, "Leave a message" option is available on the right bottom corner on every page of ChequeGuru website. You can leave message for any help and our supporters will help you
  • How flexible is ChequeGuru?
    ChequeGuru is a Multi-Company, Multi-User, Multi-Bank Account, Multi-Check Book, Multi-Currency and Multi- Language software. ChequeGuru has a very strong growing community of satisfied users. We have users who are enjoying the simplicity and comfort of managing their payment, ranging from a single owner company to Corporations, Banks, Auditing Firms and Embassies etc.
    We have many different bank accounts. Can the system cope with this?
    Yes, ChequeGuru supports multiple bank accounts, irrespective of country or currency. User can choose predefined banks or create their own.
    Does ChequeGuru print the Cheque Paper?
    No, ChequeGuru prints over the bank Cheques / Checks. It does not print Cheque / Check paper. User inserts the bank Cheque / Check leaf into the normal printer and prints from ChequeGuru program.
    Does ChequeGuru have predefined settings for every Bank Cheque/Check available?
    The Cheque/Check dimensions and other alignments are predefined for more than 99% most commonly used bank Cheque/Check templates. ChequeGuru has a Cheque/Check alignment engine enabling users to define their own settings.
    Can I try ChequeGuru before purchasing it?
    Yes, please click on download link and see how ChequeGuru will be an advantage to your organization's payment management needs.
    Does ChequeGuru support Batch Printing?
    Yes, ChequeGuru supports BATCH PRINTING. With batch printing, multiple Cheques can be printed in one go. Import Data from predefined spreadsheet.
    Can we view the reports generated from ChequeGuru?
    Yes, ChequeGuru has variety of reports, instantly check for a cheque details, deposit details, payment voucher details or any other information. This information is strategically stored in database so that a simple search can generate the required information instantly.
    Is ChequeGuru an accounting system?
    No, ChequeGuru is not an accounting package, but it is compliment to any accounting package
    Do we need special cheque stationary?
    No, Use the existing cheque books issued by the bank, All the user needs is to, tear the cheque leaf from the cheque book and place it into the printer. As mentioned earlier, ChequeGuru is built on the ideology of utilizing existing resources.
    Do you offer discounts for education or non-profit organizations?
    Please contact us, if you are a non-profit or an educational organization and we may be able to offer discount options.
    What is the user id and password of demo version Chequeguru?
    The user-id and Password of demo version of Chequeguru is as follows:
  • Default Username: admin
  • Default Password: admin
  • Do we need specific printers for Chequeguru?
    Chequeguru is built on the ideology of utilizing existing resources. Cheques can be printed by any normal office printer. Most of the printers' types are supported laser Printers, DeskJet Printers, Inkjet Printers, Dot-matrix Printers and All-In-One Printers.
    What if Chequeguru doesn't print accurately?
    It may see that though you have aligned the cheque as per your actual dimension. Still while printing, it's not printing exactly as per the specifications. There are 2 common possibilities for this problem.Some printers add additional space while printing. For example, if you have placed "A/C Payee" 10 MM from top, it may happen that while printing you get it printed on 15 MM from top. That is because the printer have add 5 MM extra margin. To solve this problem, either you can remove the margin from printer setting or you can move the "A/C Payee" to 5 MM from top.Laser printers have a different way to print then DeskJet. If you are using a laser printer, make sure in "Control Panel", under "Print Settings" you have selected "Laser Printer". Also verify how you are inserting cheque in Laser Printer, from "Left / Center / Right" position.
    Can I print cheque in different currency?
    Yes, you can print cheque in any currency. We have almost all the currency to use.
    Can I change/increase fonts?
    Yes, you can change the font style and size. Go to "Control Panel", click on the "Edit" button. You can now select the fonts you want and also the size of fonts. These fonts are your system fonts; hence you can also select different language fonts.
    How to download ChequeGuru software?
    It is very easy to download ChequeGuru. Click on "Free Trial" link to download ChequeGuru and enjoy the simplicity and comfort of managing the payments.
    Can I get help and support in free trial version?
    Yes, we provide support in free trial version.
    What are the system requirements for installing ChequeGuru?
    Please click on the link "System Requirements" to view System Requirements to install ChequeGuru.
    How to install Chequeguru?
    To install the ChequeGuru, first you have to unzip the downloaded folder and follow the given steps:
  • Double click exe file to begin the installation.
  • Check "Accept agreement".
  • Select type of installation.
  • A window will appear prompting a message 'ChequeGuru has been successfully installed'.

    How do I purchase the software?
    The quickest way to buy is online. Activation Key codes are delivered by email and are often received within a few minutes of purchasing online.
    Where is the option to purchase ChequeGuru?
    "Buy" option is available at the top right corner of webpage.
    What I will get after the payment?
    After payment, you will receive license- key via email and you have to input the license-key to register.
    What payment options are available?
    There are 3 payment options available, Credit Card, Cheque / Check and Bank transfer.
    Is there any additional cost?
    No, there is no additional cost or charges.
    Do we have to download ChequeGuru again, after purchasing?
    No, you don't have a need to download it again. After purchasing you will get License-key via email. Only you have to insert the License-key for registration.
    What support we receive when we purchase ChequeGuru?
    ChequeGuru comes with 6 months free email support, additional support can be purchased at any time.
    What is the License-key?
    Registration-key is a code having letters and numbers sent to user after purchase is confirmed.
    How and when will I receive my license Key?
    Following your order you will receive your License Key by email (license@chequeprintingsoftware.com), as soon as the payment is received. Credit card transactions take 24 hours at most and just a few minutes usually.
    What should I do if I do not receive my license key after making payment?
    Credit card transactions take 24 hours at most and just a few minutes usually. If the confirmation email is not received please email support@chequeprintingsoftware.com and our license compliance team will get in touch with immediately.
    How do I activate my license Key?
    Activation is a very simple process, Login the admin module, Click on Registration key button, enter the license key and click on register.
    How many ChequeGuru licenses do I need?
    ChequeGuru is licensed per node (pc or laptop). For each Node that will be using ChequeGuru will need a license.
    What happens if my pc crashes?
    (Nothing to worry) If ChequeGuru is installed on the same computer where it was been activated previously, just reinstall the software and it should re-register, please use the normal registration process with the key. ChequeGuru stores the following 3 information. Hard Disk ID, Mac address or Processor ID during initial registration. During re-registration it looks for the stored information once any of the information is matched ChequeGuru gets registered.
    Can i move ChequeGuru license to another pc or Laptop?
    Yes ChequeGuru license can be moved to another pc or laptop, Please uninstall ChequeGuru from the current pc/laptop, during the Uninstallation process an option is available asking whether the user wish to migrate the license to another PC, Please select YES and complete the process. Install ChequeGuru to the new pc/laptop and follow the normal registration process.
    What if computer having Chequeguru installed is completely dead?
    ChequeGuru can be either re-registered on same PC/laptop or can be migrated to another PC/laptop, if the PC/laptop is completely dead and neither of the two functions can be performed, the license can no longer be used.
    Why do I need to register ChequeGuru?
    Our license terms for the free trial version allow us to print a maximum amount of 999 only on cheque, to remove this restriction user would need to purchase and register the software.
    Will the existing data keep after I register the software?
    Yes. All the existing data/settings will be kept after registration.
    Do we need to renew maintenance to be able to use ChequeGuru?
    ChequeGuru is a onetime payment, no monthly installments, License never expires. Purchasing additional support maintenance is purely optional.