User Guide

How to Add New Bank Account?

  • Click on "Company" from main menu and Select "Bank".
  • Select the Bank Code and click on "Add New Account".
    Bank Account
  • Enter the "Account Number".Select the "Currency code", select "Active" to Activate the Account,enter the name of the Authorized Person,Opening balance,Cheque Book Name.Select the Cheque range either "Open" OR "Fixed". Click on "ADD CHQ BOOK" button
    New Bank Account
  • Click on "Save" button to save the changes.A message will appear "Account has been saved successfully"
    Bank Accounts
  • Click OK
    User can see Bank Account Number will appear below the Bank Code.
    NOTE: There are two options for Cheque Sequence No.
    Open: Users can enter 'Cheque no' manually when preparing cheque one by one.
    Fixed: 'Cheque No' will come from the range of 'START CHEQUE NO' and 'END CHEQUE NO' when user starts to prepare the Cheques by system itself.

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