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Bank Templates

Supports Most Banks of India

ChequeGuru has 100's of bank templates, All the user needs is to tear the cheque leaf from the cheque book and place it into the printer.

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Printer Support

Supports Most office Printers.

ChequeGuru is built on the ideology of utilizing existing resources. User can use existing printer in their office - Laser, Deskjet, Inkjet & All-In-One Printers

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Flexible & Comprehensive

Truly Multi-Purpose

ChequeGuru is a Multi-Company, Multi-User, Multi-Bank Account, Multi-Check Book, Multi-Currency and Multi- Language software.

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Elements Printed on Cheque

1. Automates Current Date

ChequeGuru powers you to modify date on cheques. Users can edit the date by current or future date by using its one of the inbuilt features.

2. Amount in Number

Build on a gesture by adding **** before and after the amount in figures prevents tampering after the cheque is printed.

3. Converts Amount to Words

Automatically converts amount in figures into amount in words that gives complete error free writing while preparing any cheque.

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4. Payee's Name From Database

Add /Edit/Update Payee Information in the database. Retrieves Payee's information from Excel file when required.

5. Bearer & Other Options

A bearer check is payable to anyone who is in possession of the document: this would be the case if the cheque does not state a payee, or is payable to "bearer" or to "cash" or "to the order of cash", or if the cheque is payable to someone who is not a person or legal entity, for example if the payee line is marked "Happy Birthday".

6. A/C Payee. Not Negotiable

Not-negotiable stamp at the top of Cheque restricts it being a negotiable instrument. Auto-fills other options appropriately while preparing cheque.Fills the parameter of "A/c Payee only" on cheque to ensure paying a certain amount of money to specific person's account or to the bearer of the cheque.

Our cheque printing software is designed to print them perfectly on the cheque. Buy it now!

More than 99+ predefined Indian Bank Templates.

Rich Features - TOP 10 Reasons

Top 10 Reasons {Why Cheque Guru}:

Printing Cheque elements

Printing Cheque elements
Users have the option to choose different parameters to be printed on cheque. ChequeGuru prints all parameters of the cheque - payee name, date, amount in figures, amount in words, authorized person, company name and other options on any size of cheque from any country to a customary office printer.

Typo Error Free

Typo Error Free
Typo error free eliminates spelling mistakes, differences between amount in figures & amount in words. User needs to enter only payee name and enter the amount to be paid; rest of the parameters are auto-filled by ChequeGuru while preparing the cheque.

Tamper proof

Tamper proof
This feature ensures cheques Printed by ChequeGuru can't be tampered. It has options of adding asterisk (****) before and after the amount in figures, amount in words and Payee name prevent tampering. Thus, it provides you complete security from getting the cheque corrupt in manual cheque writing.


WYSIWYG "What You See Is What You Get" characteristic offers different alignment options to choose different fonts, dimensions, importing cheque templates, landscape or portrait printing etc. Users can draw cheque layout according to their printer with a simple WYSIWYG cheque alignment engine.

Batch Printing

Batch Printing
ChequeGuru prints multiple cheque in one go. All transactional details from excel file to be printed and users can amend imported data before printing. It also gives you the option of skipping individual cheque or all cheques while batch printing.

Electronic Payment Voucher

Electronic Payment Voucher
ChequeGuru manages payment vouchers while making transactions between parties. Users can avail features to setup, edit, cancel and deactivate payment voucher. It manages percentage of payments applied to sales tax and prints payment voucher to printer.


Users can keep the records of deposits they made as proof of transactions. ChequeGuru gives users the facility of adding, editing deposit types, importing deposit details, making deposits with receipt and renewing deposit receipt numbers.

Business Intelligent Reporting

Business Intelligent Reporting
Information of records regarding issued cheques, reconciliation, management reports, bank statement, deposit reports etc stored in database can be generated instantly when required. Export reports to Excel, Adobe, word etc for further requirements and analysis.

Multi Company, Banks & Bank Account

Multi Company
Add / Edit / Update Payee Information, Import Payee Information From Excel.


ChequeGuru provides free email as well as Remote Desktop Support system for problem solving. User can go through video tutorials and User Guide manual available at the click of your mouse for more supporting options.
Most cost effective solution available in the market.


Check out some of our Client Reviews
  • Yati Rahmat

    ChequeGuru has been very useful for Ain Society, as it speeds up the process of cheque printing. It also helps to reduce the no. of void cheques due to spelling errors or errors in the figures, and with the automated amount in words, we no longer need to spell out the amounts!

    Yati Rahmat
  • V. Vengadasalam

    It is very much useful, saves time and energy in preparation of cheques.

    V. Vengadasalam
  • V Soma

    Our accounts dept has been using ChequeGuru for many years, we wish to comment on the fact that despite our relatively high transaction volume, we are pleased and satisfied with the performance of the software in terms of overall reliability and userfriendly.

    V Soma
  • Micheal Chelton

    This is exactly what we were looking for years, never knew it existed and comes at such a reasonable price, if you still thinking to buy this, let me tell you nothing comes close.

    Micheal Chelton
  • Ms Tan Lean Hwa


    Ms Tan Lean Hwa
  • Bruce Victor

    Just came here to say a big thank you. It works amazingly well, Simple to setup and use, i am up and running in 10 minutes.

    Bruce Victor
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